Sunday, September 6, 2009

Oh boy!

My girlfriend's son has a birthday next week, so I decided it was the perfect opportunity to use some of the wonderful "boy" prints in the world. Fabric (and not to mention my sewing) has come such a long way since my boys were little, so I truly enjoyed making this quilt. I loved the patterns, and their simplicity, so much that I didn't want to quilt on them, so I straight stitched through the white to add dimension to the quilt.

Although I love the way the overall finished product looks, I did realize while doing my quilting that it is time that I start looking into a new machine. I enjoy my brother machine, and have sentimental feelings for it because it was a gift from my husband, but it seems to have a hard time keeping the stitches consistent. Which isn't too big of a deal when piecing, but bugs me when I am quilting.