Wednesday, September 9, 2009

another beach quilt

Last weekend my 13 year old son asked me if I could make him a new snugly quilt. Now this is the boy that carried his first blanky for 3 years, so of course I got busy cutting and sewing. Luckily, I still had a lot of scraps left over from his bed quilt that I made a few months ago, so I didn't even have to run out and get anything. He loves nothing else than the ocean, and I always keep that in mind when making things for him. I am hoping that when this quilt is complete it will not only keep him warm, but remind him of what he loves!

The post man brought me these little goodies yesterday!! I love them all, but would have to say that the daisy and dots are by far my favorite. I thought it was adorable when looking at it online, but in person it is FABULOUS (i have joined the world of freaks for Flea Market Fancy....I need it all)!!

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