Tuesday, September 8, 2009

labor day weekend

At the start of this 4 day weekend I had a long, long list of projects I wanted to get too.....but I think my list was a bit too optimistic for a mom of 4. Between my boys football games, my families need to be at the beach, and my daughter's over all need of me, I did not accomplish much. I did, although, get to do a bit of organizing.

I am new to the world of "stashing" fabric. I was lucky enough to have two great quilt shops in town, so when a project would come up, I would just run out and pick up what I needed to do it. Sadly, within the last year both of these shops have closed their doors and I have resorted to internet fabric shopping. Who knew it was so fun....and so addicting?!?! A new obsession for my obsessive and compulsive personality.

1 comment:

  1. Be careful...if you are anything like me the ol' internet fabric purchasing can get out of hand - it's so much fun, though :)