Thursday, July 29, 2010

something accomplished

As you all know, we were scheduled to move last friday....but at the last minute, we decided to post-pone it for another three weeks. Now this of course means that life has been chaotic and stuck in limbo for me. I don't do good in limbo (chaos I can handle). We are now living in a 95% packed house with four kids and as if that wasn't enough....we have also had out of town guests for the last week. It's all about frozen pizza's and cereal at this point. 
My saving grace is that I was leaving my sewing machine for the last minute pack I can at least still spend some quality time with Nina to keep me sane.

Trenton's quilt top is finished....and we are both in love!! This was a complete collaboration between the two of us and the whole process just made me smile. I enjoyed seeing his choices and hearing his opinions along the way. I have never done a traditional square in a square quilt before, but love all the ones that I see (examples of a few of my favorites that inspired me here and here)...I also feel that it is a good staple pattern for a boy, Trenton agreed. 

My boy has asked for a solid patterned backing verses a pieced I will be basting this evening. I am really excited that it will be ready for his new bedroom before we move (so is he).

Saturday, July 3, 2010

the softest ever

Theres something about moving into a new place that makes me want a fresh look. New colors to add an element of excitement to the change. So, last week during my faze of procrastination, I made the softest pillows ever...

Made with little folks voile on the front and essex cotton/linen blend in putty on the back. I find the voile fabrics a bit tedious to quilt with...but worth all the effort. 

I went all out and did my first zippered pillows. I have always been too intimidated to try putting zippers in my pillows, but then I stumbled onto the best tutorial by Katie from Sew Katie Did. She made putting zippers in as easy as 1,2,3!

The pillows are so inviting that izzy couldn't resist the temptation of just jumping on the pile while I was trying to photograph them! 

Then proceeded to roll around and bury herself in them! She always seems to do exactly what I want too, with no hesitations.