Wednesday, December 2, 2009

quilting for a purpose

While sipping on my extra hot Chai tea latte last week I stumbled upon something that really touched my heart. I was on the sometimes crafter's blog reading her feelings on an important issue...homeless children. I followed her link to the blog, Give a Kid a Quilt organized by Rachel (from 2nd avenue studio) and Christina (the sometimes crafter).....after reading for a few seconds, I knew without a doubt that I wanted to be part of this amazing idea. They are collecting quilts to donate to homeless children, ok.....homeless children. I don't know if those two words hit you the way they did me, but just the thought makes my heart ache. So I immediately responded and told them to count me in. All other projects were put aside and I got to work!!

The reason I started quilting was to make something for my children that would represent me throughout their lives....something that would keep them warm and feeling safe when I couldn't. I get the most wonderful and fulfilling feeling when I make a quilt for someone that I love. What I learned this week is that I get that same feeling from making a quilt out of love for someone I don't know. I enjoyed making this one so much that I have decided to do another. This quilt was made with a little boy in mind, the next will have a little girl in mind.

I used some of my stashed fabrics for this quilt. The green dots are by Westminster, the orange and brown are from Denise Schmidt's Katie Jumprope line, the blue dots are Kei, the multi colored dots are by Alexander Henry and lastly the grey mushrooms are by Jay McCarroll. I am hoping that, when this quilt finds it's way to the little boy it is meant to belong to, it will supply him with warmth, comfort and hopefully a bit of safety.


  1. I love this quilt! Very manly colours, gorgeous!

  2. this is did such a great job. i should make some quilts for my kids!!! :o)