Wednesday, May 11, 2011

creme de la creme

There really hasn't been any sewing in my life at all...and even though I miss it, I am in a serious rut!
Luckily, my knitting groove is in full swing!

This pattern is by Veera Välimäki and is called the Stripe Study Shawl. I can't say enough about this pattern, beautifully written, perfect symmetry and a classic yet unique design.

As for the yarn (Madelinetosh eyre light)......amazing!! Soft and smooth like a mix of butter and heaven.
The colors used are Creme de la Menthe and Antler. 

This will definatly be my favorite item to wear this spring/summer.


  1. Lovely!

    I might have to queue this one and get some MT eyre.

    Like you, I have really lost my sewing mojo. I'm not really bothered though, loving everything to do with the hook and sticks.

    And I think you just have to go with what works x

  2. I'm so glad I'm not alone in my lost sewing mojo. I just do what I can when the mood and energy strikes.

    so funny, Mark was just helping me put clean sheets on the bed and commented that I had enough yarn "to start a yarn store" on my side. I just said, "yes, isn't it so pretty?"

  3. Looks so lovely soft! Makes me want to learn to knit :)