Friday, September 3, 2010

this. that and getting unpacked

Let me apologize for slacking on this blog for so long....I can't believe it's been over a month since my last posting!! We are finally all moved and mostly unpacked. I can honestly say that I completely under-estamated how hard this move would be!! It was completely overwhelming and had me feeling like my whole world was turned upside down!! I know in part that my personality didn't really help (I am a bit on the OCD side...and can't handle things being out of order) plus enrolling and registering the boys in 3 different schools, signing them up for athletics and starting my taxi services back in forth from the multiple practices a day. To top it off my husband has been going out of town for 3 days every week for's a wonder that I'm not completely grey by now (just added some to the collection). I wish I could say that I am super woman and pulled it all off without a hitch, but sadly I am not, and apparently me and moving just don't get along!
But yesterday I finally turned a corner...the house isn't fully unpacked yet, but it's close and most importantly, Nina got unpacked!!

This is my new sewing corner...I am really looking forward to breaking it in! 
Before I packed my machine up, I made her a new cover for the new location.

I was inspired by Megan's sewing machine cover to try my hand at the flying geese...and I just adore them! They were so fun to make (and a bit challenging) but most of all I just love looking at them!
For the inside of my cover I used a Kei pattern that I stashed a while ago with no purpose.

The quilting on it turned out really nice too....even despite the fact that some of my geese were flying a little crooked!! 

Lastly, I couldn't resist the temptation of Oh Fransson's new quilt-a-long. I loved her original version of the Tokyo subway quilt...and the one she designed for the quilt-a-long is just irresistible. So, as soon as Nina was put on her perch, I started sorting my scraps.

Originally I wasn't going to buy any new fabric for this project, but with only 3 purple scraps and no purple stash, I have no choice but to buy some! Its one of those moments I wish I had a quilting neighbor that I could borrow a cup of scraps from (i've got plenty of sugar)!


  1. LOVE your new space!!! I'm doing the quilt along too, and I have NO purple and very little black for the stops! I am taking advantage of fabricworm's Labor Day sale today and stocking up on some solids that include the purple, and a few blacks... but I am having trouble finding purples! Let me know when you find some! Glad you are getting settled!

  2. Welcome back! Your cover is just beautiful and the geese are flying quite nicely. Glad to see someone I can watch do that quilt along. I'd love to, but I've got to many "must dos" right now.

  3. yay!!! i'm sooOOOo glad you’re all settled!! i can't wait to hear all about how much you love your new place and get all jealous over the location!! ;)

  4. what a tidy new sewing space...moving is so hard. we move a lot so i feel for you.

  5. Love love love your new machine cover!! What a fabulous way to always be able to see your favorite FMF prints! Thanks for linking to mine:)
    Happy to hear you're all moved in and hopefully settled soon. Looks like a great new sewing room!

  6. Welcome back! Your sewing space looks great!

    Jennifer :)

  7. Great space! :) I have a lot of purple. I could send some your way if you would like! :)

    Like your new space, I'm the same way with unpacking I don't feel settled until everything is organized and clean-ish! ;) Glad you are posting again. :)

  8. I love your new sewing space. And the sewing machine cover. Well, it has the elusive FMF grey seeds. Need I say more??

    I'm joining Oh Fransson's quiltalong as well.

    Glad you're back...

  9. I love it all! Good to see you last tell me, where did you get that sewing table, bookshelf that you are sewing on???