Thursday, September 30, 2010

Amazingly, there have never been handmade items that hang in my home (except for the few trimmings that my boys made that come out for the yearly christmas tree). It's not that I wouldn't hang them, it's just that I am the only one in my family who sews/crafts and I just don't have the desire to hang my own stuff.
With this said, I am so excited to show you the first handmade item to live on my walls.....

See that beautiful potholder?! Ashley made it for me a while ago and I have been eager to get it up in my kitchen. I can honestly say that it is the perfect match to my kitchen. All the greens and blues compliment the accessories that live on my counter tops, not to mention my tea kettle. 
Thank you Ashley, it really brightens up my kitchen and makes me over look that fact that my kitchen is small and obviously built in the 70's!!


  1. I'm so fortunate to have one of Ashley's potholders too. Wow, I love it so much. That's a really great picture of your kitchen. The colors: yum!

    P.S. If you would make something for me, I would totally hang it in my home. Just sayin'... :)

  2. It looks like it was made to be there. Just one suggestion though, the things that you make are awesome. Use some for yourself.

  3. Aw, thanks Chris!! It looks great hanging there next to your lovely turquoise tea pot! And the gorgeous potholder you made me still has a prime spot in my kitchen (and now that I think of it, I think it might be the only quilted item I have hanging too!) :)

  4. It is a lovely pot holder! I need to make some new ones cause the ones I made last year are looking a little worse for wear!

  5. Love the potholder. What a great design!