Sunday, October 11, 2009

one large improv block!

I was so inspired last week when I saw the improv blocks over at one flew over, that I really wanted do some of my own. Sadly, I was also ready to get to work on my Christmas list...first on the list was a quilt for my niece. I had already decided to make her quilt with Alexander Henry's Natura fabrics.... the dilemma....well the fabrics have REALLY large prints on them, that I REALLY didn't want to cut up into small pieces, what was a girl to do???? One REALLY large improv block of course!!

I have to say that this was the largest improv block I have ever done, measuring at 58 x 65. The happy and colorful fabrics were so much fun to work with and know that it will be the perfect quilt to keep my niece warm and snuggled up tight on cold nights.

I even had enough fabric to make the back pretty. Not another block, but I like the way the fabrics look in a stripped pattern also. The diagonal quilt lines were done using a pink and lavender variegated thread, that really added a subtle and beautiful touch to the quilt. Next on the list.....all that beautiful Anna Maria Horner fabric that I got last week, purchased with another niece in mind!

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  1. You're giving me idea's!! I have the same dilemma with some Philip jacobs fabric I've had kicking around for at least a year. The one big improv block idea could be the solution!!!