Wednesday, May 12, 2010

all covered up

My ipad is all covered up and protected from little fingers!
I had so many different ideas on how to make my new cover and what I wanted it to look like, that it was really hard to decide on the final design. I tried to focus on what I wanted the cover to accomplish: keep it clean, hold in snug inside so it won't fall out into my handbag, allow me to charge it without taking it out of the case,  have a place to keep my earphones and cleaning cloth, and lastly match the sleek modern design of the ipad itself. 
With all that in mind, this is what I came up with:

I LOVE IT!! I knew I bought that Echino print the other month for a good reason (other than being too cute to resist). Its  modern, matches my ipad and......


has a handy pocket on the back. This is the first zipper pocket I have ever done and I love the look and functionality of it! Luckily, since I had no idea how to do this myself, I found this great tutorial here.
The inside of the cover and the pocket is lined with a black and grey dot fabric that I found at Superbuzzy (which is one of my favorite online shopping sources), that matches perfectly. 

The open top feature is easy to close and allows me to charge my ipad without removing it from the case first, so no dust settles during charging. Mission accomplished!!


  1. this is so so cool! you did an amazing job. now I want an ipad. :(

  2. Wow! That is just about PERFECT!! :) Very well done! :) Perfect match. :)

  3. so perfect! that fabric was definitely the perfect choice, and I adore that zippered pocket you included... i'm keeping this in mind in case i ever get an ipad (all my hints (and pleas!) are going unnoticed!)

  4. wholey smokes lady... this is even more fab on your blog post then the pics on flickr!!! i need one of these... even though it will only be for my wee little ipod touch... ;\


    xo, Heather

  5. That's awesome! Assume my machine returns, I'm all set to make something similar for my netbook. I was wondering how I would get a nice zipper on it - thanks so much for that link!

  6. I so so love this.
    GREAT JOB!!! Those prints are perfect, and I love the FMF inside/ *sneaky*

  7. Ah, sleek and modern, like the ipad itself!

  8. This is fantastic! Love the airplanes...and the pocket.